Course & Other Information

Course information

Duration of lessons 90 minutes
Medium Skype
Minimum number of lesson 5
Minimum age 16
Language level all
Time according to your request
Venue any desired location

Online German lessons are suitable for people who:

live and work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (expats)

are going to take official examination or want to accomplish Goethe certificate

do not speak German at all

already speak German, but want to build even more confidence when speaking

want to work on their pronunciation

want to learn German comfortably from home, in the office or while traveling

Other information

A lesson lasts 90 minutes and requires both student and teacher real-time presence. You will speak as much as you can to learn to speak German as quickly as possible. Different topics and methods are used. You will receive homework for the next lesson by email or google docs.

Are you interested in taking Skype German lessons ?

  1. After your application you will be contacted subsequently and we’ll arrange the first lesson.
  2. I will assess your German level and together we will set objectives and desired results.
  3. We will agree on how many lessons per week you want to take.
  4. You will receive a price offer and an invoice.
  5. We will arrange the date for the first lesson.
  6. After receiving the payment we will start our lessons accordingly.
  7. After set number of lessons, we will take another assessment to evaluate your progress.

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